FT40 Series


EUROLEOPARD FT40 SERIES now with 3 year warranty
Technical Parameters
Model FT350 FT354 FT400 FT404 FT450 FT454 FT500A FT504A
Drive Type 2WD WD 2WD 4WD 2WD WD 2WD 4WD
Engine Chinese engine,

3-cylinder type

Chinese engine, 3/4 cylinder type Chinese engine,

4-cylinder type

Rated speed of Engine 2200rpm 2200/2400rpm 2400rpm
Displacement 2.59L 2.86/2.54L 3.04L 3.16L
Capacity of Fuel Tank (L) 40 litres
Engine Power at Rated Speed (kW) 25.7KW/35hp 29.4KW/40hp 33.1KW/45hp 36.8KW/50hp
PTO Power at Rated Speed PTO (kW) 23KW 26.5KW 29.5KW 33.1KW
>Shut>tle type Gearshift F/R 8/8
Clutch Dry, dual-stage type
PTO Rated Speed 540/1000 rpm
Output of Hyd. Pump 25.6 litres/min
Category of 3-point Link I Category – II Category
General specification
Wheelbase (mm) 1880 1924 1880 1924 1946 1990 1946 1990
Front Track (mm) 2WD:1300, 1400, 1500 4WD:1250
Rear Track (mm) 1300-1500
Standard Tires
Front Tires 5.5-16 7.5-16 6.0-16 8.3-20 6.0-16 8.3-20 6.0-16 8.3-20
Rear Tires 11.2-28 12.4-28 14.9-24